A Call For Ideas

Hello! We’re racking our minds for how to advertise, and we’d love to hear what you think. We organizers have been thinking, discussing, writing, and thinking a bit more about how advertising might be effective, and while we’ve all had ideas, we’re decided to ask you, since more minds are often better than just a few, especially since we have little education or experience with advertising. If you have experience from school, work, or another project you’ve participated in, and have had both successful or failed attempts, we’re interested in the cases, and why you think some are effective and others not. Should we concentrate on social networks (friend of friends, e.g.), list serves, flyering, buying ads, or something else entirely?

We’d have a few suggestions if you’re considering the ride. Talk to your friends and tell them about it, ask what they think, and ask them if they’d be interested in participating. These sorts of adventures are always fun – although by no means necessary – with friends who you already know. If you’re a part of a exercise, social justice, or any other club that’s related to the ride, send them a short email letting them know about, if you think it’s appropriate and think someone may be interested.

We’re hoping to make the blog more active and interactive, and we thought this would be a great place to start a conversation. Thanks for your input and support!



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