Friday August 10, 2007

We are finally in Montreal, safe and sound. It has been a great week on and off the bike. We have met some crazy people stayed in some beautiful churches and eaten way too much food!!!! (oh yeah, and biked a ton). The weather has been quite cooperative, though it seems like Eamon has gotten the shorter end of the stick by coincidentally biking on days when it decides to rain. (Eamon and I, Chris, takes turns driving the support van.) The route has been continually amazing with everything from urban congestion to pine forests to the marshlands and coastline of Maine and New Hampshire to the mountains of the White Mountains National Park in NH to the farmlands and rivers of Quebec.
Each day has been quite different. That is one of the aspects of this trip that I have found the most enjoyable. We have different accommodations each night from small parishes to large, burgeoning mega-churches and now in Montreal – host families. Our hosts have all been so welcoming and gracious, and people we have run into along the way have often been overly eager to talk to us about our ride and adventure through their towns and cities. If any of you have are reading this now, let me take the opportunity to thank you again for your hospitality for we could not be doing what we are without your help. Thanks you.
As for the cycling, we have our top cartographer and organizer Dan Healy working on the route. He has kept us on comfortable back roads, mostly free from dangerous traffic and choppy roads. Knock on wood, we have only had a few flats and very little bike problems. The daily mileage has been manageable due to the stops along the route and the sufficient food consumed whenever possible.
On a personal note I am greatly enjoying Montreal. Quebec, upon entering didn’t feel too different from the States but now that we are in the city and are immersed in French Canadian culture, this does really feel like a different country. Its wonderful. This morning we are exploring the Old City of Montreal and walking along the river’s promenade.
And very excitingly, we have 5 more riders joining us tomorrow for the trek down to NYC. Eamon’s Dad –Vince Aloyo, my fiancée – Lindsay Clarke, a doctor from Boulder – Wes Tate, and two riders from last years ride – Andrew Glancy and Michael Duignan. I’m keen to see how the dynamic of the ride will change with 5 more people on board.
Please see the pictures section of our website.

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