The 2007 D.R.E.A.M. Ride was a success

11 days, 902 miles, countless memories and a tremendous beginning. The 2007 and inaugural D.R.E.A.M. Ride is now behind us and it is quite safe to say that it was indeed a success. This year, seeds were sowed, laying the beginning for a great annual charity bicycle ride. Thank you to everyone involved – from organizing to support to hosting. We can’t thank you all more for all of your kindness, dedication and generosity.
Looking back on the ride with a week to gather my thoughts, I have thought most about the incredible hospitality of our hosts. Their open generosity was truly amazing. All along the route, people met us with open arms, bountiful food and kindness. It is an incredible thing to spend all day on the bike and arrive at a new location and meet strangers who have spent a good amount of their day preparing food for our arrival. They asked nothing in return but to share in the bond of solidarity. They provided the fuel of our ride – both literally and figuratively. We arrived as strangers but we left as good friends. From me and all the riders, we thank you.
And looking back, especially with all the crazy weather that we have been having this summer in New England, we were quite lucky with the amazing weather we encountered along the route. Other than one day of rain, we had pleasant sunshine throughout. We also faired quite well in the mechanical department, encountering [I believe] only a handful of flat tires for the entire group. It certainly helped, keeping to by-ways and country roads. Most had an ample and clean shoulder where we could let our attention move from the eternal watch for broken glass and pot holes and onto the rustic and idyllic landscapes through which we traveled.
As for a total of our fundraising efforts, we do not currently have a sum as we are still accepting donations. However, the fundraising response has been quite positive and for that we can’t be more appreciative of everyone’s interest and belief in the D.R.E.A.M. Ride’s mission. As I mentioned earlier, we feel very strongly that this ride is about everyone involved – involved at every stop along the way. This year’s ride was a success because we all made it happen. We hope it continues to grow and connect people. Personally, this ride gives me hope. It gives me hope to dream.

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