Le Tour de France 2008

What could be a better time to get excited about bike touring than during the Tour de France? Despite all of the drama associated with the Tour, the racing is still riveting, the strategies complicated, and the athletes are phenomenal. On top of it all though is the energy of the fans. Europe turns out, sometimes weeks in advance to get the best spot on the toughest climbs, to cheer everyone on and even lend a hand if a rider lags behind or needs a quick bike adjustment. This is the spirit of cycling. Even in this intense competition you will see competitors chatting and sharing a laugh together. These are times we can look forward to, sharing and learning from each other while spinning away the miles. We may not have a yellow jersey to give away at the end of the day but we will have gained something much greater while bonding through a sport we love and helping those in need at the same time. Until next time….Cheers, Jesse

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