A Thank You Note From Partners in Health

September 7, 2008

2007 Dream Ride
c/o Eamon Aloyo
1013 Portland Place, Apt. 7
Boulder, CO 80304

Dear Friends at Dream Ride,

Please accept our deep appreciation for your fundraising efforts for Partners In Health. The $1,700.00 raised through the 2007 Dream Ride is an admirable achievement and will be of tremendous assistance as we continue to work to bring medical care and social services to resource-poor settings. We would like to extend a special thank you to the riders and organizers; Eamon Aloyo, Vince Aloyo, Lindsay Clarke, Michael Duignan, Josh Farrell, Andrew Glancy, Ethan Schechter, Chris Wells, Dan Healy, and Walter Scheirer, and to Thomas and Ivy Schultz for their support. We would also like to express our gratitude to The Canaan Foundation for acting as fiscal sponsor for the 2007 Dream Ride.

Partners In Health has relied on the generosity of a relatively small group of people since we began our work in the 1980s, and we continue to rely on your support to further our success. Private contributions supply us with 40% of our total funding, allowing us to provide the “wrap around” services—food, housing, education, and community development—that are so critical to our work but often left uncovered by large institutional grants. In addition to delivering comprehensive health care services, PIH builds new homes for our patients, creates jobs in the communities where we work, sends children to school, and gives patients and their families warm meals as well as the tools to grow their own food in family or community gardens. In doing all of this, we strive to find long-term solutions that will address both the roots and the symptoms of poverty.

Thanks to your support, PIH has been able to significantly expand its reach over the past five years. We are now operating in nine countries—Haiti, Lesotho, Malawi, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, the United States, Guatemala, and Mexico—and taking on significant geographic and programmatic expansion within each of these countries. It is the growth in contributions like yours—exceeding $25 million dollars this year—that allows us to do all of this and to leverage, by example, far more support for the global health community as a whole.

Again, we thank you for your dedication to our work. Best of luck as you begin to plan for Dream Ride 2009!


Edward Cardoza
Vice President of Development

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