A Powerful Noise

As we’re always on the lookout for happenings that relate directly, or indirectly, to the cause of furthering human rights around the world, I ran into a really cool one last week.

In honor of International Women’s Day, CARE, our Beneficiary, and NCM Fathom will present A POWERFUL NOISE Live in 450 movie theatres nationwide for one night, Thursday, March 5th. The event will begin with the acclaimed documentary, “A Powerful Noise,” which follows three women from different countries who overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to bring lasting solutions to their communities. Immediately following the film, a town hall discussion with humanitarian experts Nicholas Kristof, Christy Turlington Burns, Dr. Helene Gayle, and former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will be broadcast live to all participating theatres.

You can check out the website to the event here: www.apowerfulnoise.com, where you can also look up your local theater, buy tickets and submit your questions to the town hall discussion.

For your convenience, we’ve also put the promo material on this event on our website for your to check out.  Click here to see it.

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