This Weather is Amazing!!

Its May 8th and the weather has been absolutely amazing these past few weeks. One of the things I love most about being outside on the bike is feeling the temperature change as we move from one season to the next. Right now, there is such a difference between the cool shadows cast by the trees and the warm sun rays when exposed.
Also, being Bike to Work month (or what I hope people interpret it as: Bike to Do Anything and Everything month), has me very excited seeing so many people out using the bicycle boulevard in front of my house. Some wearing spandex, some with panniers filled with groceries, some unfortunately not wearing a helmet (or incredulously, wearing it almost vertically on the back of their head….or yes, backwards!!!). The way I see it, whatever gets people out and on their bike (though hopefully in a safe manner). And certainly the weather can only inspire more to join them!!
So on that note, enjoy the beautiful day…I’m going for a ride!

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