General Information:

When is the 2012 Dream Ride?
The 2012 DREAM Ride will take place on August 11th, 2012.

Where will the 2012 Dream Ride be held?
The 2012 Dream Ride will be held around the San Francisco Bay Area.

What are the start times for the three rides?
Registration opens at 7am. Riders can start whenever they want. However, to encourage groups to ride together on the course, we have three official start times:

The Century ride begins at 8:00am
The 100K ride begins at 8:30am
The 50K ride begins at 9:00am

Is there a limit to the number of riders?
Yes. We will be capping registration at 50 riders per ride. Please register early to make sure you get a spot.

Do the organizers make any money from the ride?
No. The Dream Ride’s organizers are volunteers and do not receive compensation.

Can anyone participate in this event?
Yes! The ride is open to everyone. Anyone who pays the registration fee and is able to take the time off for the ride is welcome to participate. Even if you cannot participate physically in the ride, we still appreciate your donations and support.

Is the ride religiously affiliated?
No. The Dream Ride is not affiliated with any religion and we encourage a diversity of beliefs.


How will I fundraise?
Start early! We suggest writing a personalized letter educating your donors about the cause and explaining to family, friends, and colleagues why you decided to participate in this ride. Send it to everyone you know, even people you think may be uninterested in our cause. Be inclusive of not only your friends and family but also co-workers, doctors, dentists, neighbors, etc. Be creative, be personal, and explain to them why you, personally want to participate. We will provide you with brochures and other PR material to help.

What are the 2012 Dream Ride fundraising requirements?
All riders are required to pay a registration fee. The fee varies by ride choice: $49 for 50KM; $59 for 100KM; and $69 for 100M “Day-of” registration is available at the selected distance fee + $10 and is cash only. We encourage riders to raise additional funds for Partners in Health. See our Fundraising page for suggestions on how to solicit donations.


Can I listen to music or an iPod while riding?
No. We ask that you do not wear any sort of earphones or musical devices while riding for your own safety. We all need to be able to hear vehicles, as well as your fellow riders.

Is this a race?
No. We encourage everyone to ride and there is no need to go fast.

What type of roads will I be riding on?
The majority of the route will be on smaller low traffic paved roads as well as a few paved bike trails. The overwhelming majority of the ride will be on paved roads, although there may be occasional short stretches of hardpacked dirt road where there is construction, or on a remote stretch of road. A road bike will work well in all the conditions.

What happens if my bike breaks?
One of the organizers is a bicycle mechanic and has over ten years of experience maintaining bicycles, both road and mountain. We will attempt to make the repairs during the ride, and will have a toolkit in the support van. If your repair exceeds our capabilities, we will transport your bike to a shop to make the needed repairs at your own expense. We may also be able to swap parts with another bicycle. In previous years, despite any bicycle problems, riders have been able to complete every day.

What happens if I am unable to finish the complete day of riding?
We will have our support vehicle on hand and you can ride in it whenever you’d like, for whatever reason.

What if I become hurt on the ride?
The support vehicles will carry a First Aid kit. We will have supplies on hand to treat minor injuries. There will be at least one staff member in attendance that is First Aid/CPR trained.

What happens in the case of an emergency? How will I get to a doctor/hospital?
We require riders to have health insurance coverage and carry proof of insurance on the ride. We have the location of each emergency room along the route and the van will provide the transportation unless an ambulance is necessary. Each organizer will always have a cell phone.

What should I wear while cycling?
We recommend cycling specific shorts with a comfortable pad, technical fabric biking jersey with back pockets, and cycling shoes. All gear should be broken-in well in advance of the ride.  When on your bike always wear a helmet. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a block down the street to the grocery store, or 100 miles to the next destination, a helmet is required.

How do I transport my bike to the start line/home?
Bikes can easily be partially disassembled and put into a box to be taken on an airplane. We suggest contacting a local bike shop if you have never done this before and they can advise and assist you. Most bike shops give away bike boxes since the cardboard would otherwise be trashed or recycled. Shipping a bike on an airplane will probably cost somewhere between $50 and $100 depending on the airline. The cost of shipping a bike using USPS, FedEx, UPS or another shipping company varies depending on the weight of the bike, beginning and ending destination and company used, but in some cases can be cheaper than shipping it on the airplane.

Another option is to rent a bicycle upon arriving in California. There are numerous bike shops in San Francisco that rent quality road bicycles. However, we suggest arriving a few days early if you choose this option to make sure the bike fits, you are comfortable on it, etc., because of the distance we’ll be riding.

During the ride…

I’m not from the San Francisco area. Will the Dream Ride be making travel arrangements for me?
No. Unfortunately, the Dream Ride will not be making travel arrangements for any of its out of town participants. Each rider is responsible for their own transportation to and from the event. The San Francisco International Airport services all major airlines. Before the ride will begin, we will inform the participants of the exact time and location of where to meet.

Will I have to carry my gear with me?
No. At least one support vehicle will transport your gear. However, many riders, in previous years, used a small pouch which went between the handlebars for carrying items like their camera, a rain shell, energy bars, etc. If you decide to purchase a small bag for your bike, we suggest trying it out on your bike before the main ride, to see how it fits, if it changes the handling of your bike, how much you can fit in it comfortably, etc.

What am I responsible for purchasing on the ride?
The Dream Ride provides snacks and energy drink refills at rest stops, and post-ride celebration food at the finish line. Any extra snacks or treats you would like along the way will be your responsibility. Additionally, riders will also have to pay for any bike repairs beyond our scope of skills and donated parts.

How much gear do I need to bring?
You should bring a small backpack or other bag filled with riding essentials for this event. There has always been plenty of space, but we are limited by the size of our support vehicles, so we encourage packing conservatively.

What are we going to eat? Are Vegetarian options available?
The ride organizers will select a nutritious menu for the day of the ride. Please contact us if you are vegetarian or have specific food allergies and we will work with you to accommodate your needs and preferences.