2007 Beneficiaries


CARE is one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations fighting global poverty in more than 66 countries. Founded in 1945, today CARE stands for “Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc.” CARE helps communities improve their quality of life through projects in agriculture and natural resources, economic development, education, food, health, water and sanitation and emergency response. CARE tackles underlying causes of poverty so that people can become self-sufficient. Recognizing that women and children suffer disproportionately from poverty, CARE places special emphasis on working with women to create permanent social change. Women are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.


PIH Thanks Us

PIH focuses on health care for the needy in Haiti, Rwanda, Russia, Lesotho, the U.S., and supports projects in Guatemala and Mexico. At its core, its mission is both “medical and moral”, so besides providing just health care, PIH provides other necessities like food, clean water, housing, and supervision for medical treatment. In 2005 in Haiti alone, for example, PIH registered over 1.1 million patient visits. D.R.E.A.M. Ride’s donations will be stipulated for PIH’s work in Rwanda.



Doctors Without Borders is an international independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters, and exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries. A private, nonprofit organization, Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971 as the first non-governmental organization to both provide emergency medical assistance and bear witness publicly to the plight of people it assists.


Emory Vaccine Centerhttp://www.vaccines.emory.edu
Emory Thanks Us

Emory Vaccine Center is a leading research institution for some of the most widely debilitating and deadly diseases on the planet. D.R.E.A.M. Ride’s donations will be stipulated for vaccine research for HIV/AIDS and malaria, which together kill about 4 million people and infect over 40 million in 2007.


International Peace Initiativeshttp://www.thecanaanfoundation.com
IPI Thanks Us

The Canaan Foundation is a technology and education-focused development NGO that is based in Connecticut and works in Kenya and Cameroon. It was founded by Thomas Schultz, now the president of a company. He has worked in Kenya since the early 1970s, and founded The Foundation in 1996. The D.R.E.A.M. Ride will donate to its secondary school Scholarship Program in Kenya.