So you’re interested in riding your bike for charity, and you think the Dream Ride is the ride for you? Great!


What you can expect from the Dream Ride:

The Dream ride is reliant on the kindness of relative strangers, just as the money you raise will go to help relative strangers.  This means that most, if not all, of what the ride provides is based on donations and with these we will supply you with the necessities to successfully complete the ride. We will also work to provide you with as many extras as possible.

You will be amazed at how many people along the route will reach out to help you. In prior years, riders experienced immense generosity from locals including: a ride back to our lodging from the town pool, free beverages from a gas station attendant who also offered to drive us the rest of the way to our destination, a senior citizen center that welcomed us for lunch, and one women who welcomed us into her home for snacks and a cold drink.

What we expect from you, the riders:

All riders must register for the event and pay associated registration fees. “Day-of” registration is available at the selected distance fee + $10 and is cash only. We encourage riders to raise additional funds for Partners in Health. See our Fundraising page for suggestions on how to solicit donations.

You will be responsible for transporting yourself, your bike, and luggage (if you are traveling from afar) to the San Francisco Bay Area for the ride. You are also responsible for your trip out of the Bay Area at the conclusion of the ride.

Financially you will be responsible for extra snacks purchased while riding, maintenance and repairs for your bike above and beyond our donated materials and mechanic skills, and any souvenirs, special trips or entertainment on the day of the ride.

This ride is a cooperative effort. We expect all of the riders to contribute to the successful completion of the ride, not only by cycling as many of the miles as possible, but by assisting each other during the ride. The Dream Ride as an organization will be represented by your behavior.

Please read the FAQ section for additional ride requirements and details.

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