Lindsay Wells


My experience with the DREAM ride in 2006 was an unquestionably positive one. I like biking, but I was a little hesitant at first about riding all day, for several days in a row with a bunch of dudes. However, the scenery, the support, and the knowledge that we were raising money for a great cause made the challenge well worth it! A few moments stand out in my mind: The time we found a tree swing on the banks of a river next to the road and spent 45 minutes launching ourselves into the water. The night when our hosts threw a BBQ party for all the riders and invited half the neighborhood to come and socialize with us. The pastor who spent several hours showing us photos of his work with foster children, and his formula 1 race car named the “Tijuana Taxi”. And especially, crossing the bridge into New York City on the last day, realizing that I actually made it!

In any athletic fundraising event, the hardest part is probably convincing yourself to do it. So let me make that part a little easier for you. The organizers are fantastic, quality people who are doing everything in their power to make the upcoming DREAM ride an incredible one. I know most of them pretty well and was really excited to participate this summer. Hopefully there will be some more girl power next year! I know you will have a great time. What more can you ask for but beautiful scenery, great people to share the experience with and most worthy cause!